"Mai Khao Restaurant´s" :  First is only 100 m + "Sun Shines STEAK" only 300 m  from us away. To 7eleven , Supercheap and market/restaurants only around 500 m.


Delivery service in your house - plus 50 baht.

Only 100 m from Orchidilla is White Tree restaurant located where you can also enjoy cocktails in the evening. Delicious menues

international food, vegetarian food or thai food avaiable.

Sun Shines STEAK.


Only 300m from Orchidilla start 49 baht Steak/Salat/Spagetthi.

Delivery in  your house.


Only 350m to  7eleven supermarket


open  24h.

Next to the 7eleven you find a delicious authentic thai restaurant where you can eat for around 50 baht.

Authentic very big Supercheap supermarket -


open 24h / 7 days a week.


ATM avaiable !!!

Enjoy original authentic thai breakfast like ricesoup (kau tom mu sai kai )


or other delicious menues opposite SUPERCHEAP.


OPEN 6 AM - 9 AM !!!

Authentic breakfast place with original


ricenoodle in thai "Kanoom jean"


TIP : Päd = spicy / mai = not / nicknoi = little bit


+ coffeeshop




SUPERCHEAP Supermarket


(in red small house - breakfast 6AM -  9 AM only !!! )



Authentic Restaurant "PANING" opposite SUPERCHEAP which offer delicious meals for less baht or shakes like watermelone/coconut.

Try + enjoy for example PAD THAI with chicken (gai) or shrimps (gung).


OPEN : 11 AM - 6 PM !!!

FISH for authentic price ? If you walk to the supercheap you find 100m after the school a local fish restaurant where many local people enjoy in the afternoon fresh grilled fish with rice.

 "Guang" is a very nice location tip because you are close to the wonderful lonley Mai khao beach and you can enjoy delicious menues like

- Chicken green curry

- Chicken with Casheynuts



Location : Ask the Orchidilla Team

In the opposite from Mai khao temple is one of our  favorite fish restaurants.


Authentic meal: LARB PLA DUK MAI PÄD with Kau (rice)



Relax in THE DECK or PAPAMAMA with view on the Phuket Yacht Haven.

Delicious Restaurant in Mai Khao near Grand West Sand Resort.


Delivery in your house.

You like delicious thai or seafood for fair prices ? Near the beach ? Mama next to Holidayin is our special tip for the romantic evening dinner. After you can relax at the beach.

Tip: Eating starting 40 THB in 7 Eleven Restaurant / Delicious authentic noodle restaurant in the opposite.

Eating direct at the beach - Mickey Monkey beach restaurant. Free shuttle service from/to Orchidilla.

Sportsbar Irish Pub Mai Khao in the Turtle Village.

Mai Khao Coffee Club in the Turtle Village.

Mai Khao Living Room in the Mai Khao Plaza



and many more - special small restaurants with healty fresh Thai food.




Info: The 7 eleven and the new SUPERCHEAP

have 7 days 24 hours open !

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