Orchidilla Breakfast

In all our houses you find a breakfast set to create your own eggs or toast. In the SUPERCHEAP SUPERMARKET  (500m) you can buy marmelade, toast, magarine .....

Tip: Cafe inside 7 Eleven "A Cafe" with fair price and delivery service to Orchidilla by App.






If our wish a Orchidilla breakfast we offer our service from 8.15 a.m to 11.00 a.m - not to a fix time !


Please contact the Office that we can see you are wake up. We will serve your ordered breakfast


inside your house or our wonderful SALA in the 900 sqm community garden.


Price: 180 THB (Adult) / 150 THB (Kid) each menue.





...testing for season optional with RYE bread. 


You can choose between 8 choices from eating:


1.) Scrambled Eggs with Ham + Onion + Toast


2.) 2 fried Eggs with 2 Sausages + Toast


3.) 2 Egg Benedict Classic + Muffin


4.) 1 Omlette + Champions + Onions + Toast


5.) Müsli / Cereals with Milk, Chocolatemilk or TIP Joghurt.


6.) Pancakes with Honey + Banana


7.) English Breakfast with Beans and Bacon


8.) Porridge with Apples, Banana + Honey.




for Children:


1.) 2 Toast with Nutella

2.) Kellogs with Milk



                    + local Fruits to every Breakfast (Watermelone, Pineapple, Mango, Banana)




Beverrage :


Coffee / Tea


100 % Orangejuice / Pineapplejuice


Kakao / Milk



Orchidilla wish you a good start in the day -:)

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